Thank you to those who submitted ideas to drive finance for a low-carbon economy.

The deadline to submit has now passed. The results for the Global LabFire Awards, Brasil Lab, and India Lab have been announced. 

Driving Transformation.

Nations, businesses, and investors have set ambitious targets to move toward a low-carbon, climate resilient economy. However, many of the measures underpinning these targets, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, climate smart agriculture, and curbing deforestation, face specific barriers to attracting the investment required to transform the economy.

By identifying, developing, and supporting transformative green finance ideas, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, Fire Awards, and the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance help overcome barriers and accelerate investment in the low-carbon economy.

Key Dates

Key Dates

Why Enter?

Selected ideas will receive guidance and support from high-level experts and investors, as well as analytical and communications support.

Previous winners received:

Global Lab & India Lab –


value of analytical and communications support

Nearly $600 million

funds raised through the Lab network for past instruments

Fire awards –


Investors and business leaders who will hear your pitch at the BNEF Future of Energy Summit


support and guidance from high-level experts, including:

*cannot be redeemed for cash prize

What are we looking for?

Successful ideas will be selected by Lab Members and other experts based on the following criteria:


Identifies (1) the type of entity(ies) that could implement it, (2) the pathway towards implementation, including the timeframe, activities, and key milestones, and (3) possible challenges to implementation and related management strategies.


Demonstrates the ability to address, directly or indirectly, barriers to private climate finance that (1) have not yet been addressed or (2) that will be addressed more effectively compared to other instruments in the market.


Demonstrates potential to (1) mobilize private climate capital within a sizeable market, (2) be scaled up or replicated in other contexts and, (3) achieve socioeconomic, development, and environmental impacts.

Financially Sustainable

Identifies (1) a strategy to phase out public financial support, thereby achieving market viability and (2) possible challenges to achieving its intended objectives and related management strategies.

This call for ideas covers three programs, each with distinct priorities. If you apply by October 21st and you are not selected for your first priority program, you will be considered for the others.

The Global Lab seeks ideas to scale up finance in mitigation and adaptation in developing countries.

The Global Lab focuses on ideas that leverage public or “blended” finance to drive large-scale private sector investment.

In this call The Global Lab will have a priority focus on energy efficiency, climate resilience, and sustainable urbanization, although ideas outside those sectors are also solicited.

This year’s Lab will also encompass a dedicated work stream for ideas with strong potential to be deployed in Brasil, which will receive guidance and support from a special panel of experts.


The India Lab seeks ideas to accelerate investment in infrastructure for green growth.

Like the Global Lab, the India Lab emphasizes ideas that leverage public or “blended” finance to drive large-scale private sector investment.

In this call for ideas, the India Lab will have a priority focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and public transport, although ideas outside those sectors are also solicited.

The India Lab is solely for ideas with intended application in India.


The Fire Awards seek to accelerate powerful, early-stage pilots and businesses that can unlock finance for clean energy and green growth. The awards focus on initiatives that are already “on fire” – and need business development support to achieve impact at scale.


What happens if my idea is selected?

If your idea is selected by Lab Members, you will work with a team of analysts, key stakeholders, and experts to:

  • Develop or refine the mechanics of your idea
  • Survey comparable instruments, ensuring the final instrument is innovative and impactful
  • Develop robust financial modeling
  • Assess and document potential social and environmental impacts
  • Map risks and risk mitigation strategies
  • Develop a detailed implementation plan
  • Produce promotional content
  • Present your idea to donors and investors
  • Potentially receive endorsement from the Lab


If your initiative is selected by Advisors, you will work with a team of analysts, communications specialists, and industry experts to:

  • Develop a 3-minute pitch for the BNEF Future of Energy Summit
  • Deliver your pitch to 2000 investors and leaders who attend the Summit
  • Outline a 6-month work plan defining outputs required for success

If your initiative is voted a winner at the BNEF Future of Energy Summit, you will implement your work plan with support from a working group of experts that will provide input or feedback on one or more of the following:

  • Market research
  • Investor landscaping
  • An elevator pitch workshop
  • Pitch deck creation or refinement
  • Stakeholder outreach and strategy


Previous Winners

Energy Savings Insurance

Insures the financial performance of energy efficiency savings projects.

“The analysis provided by The Lab greatly improved the design of our instrument, and the visibility and network resulted in ample connections with financial institutions, insurers, and technology-providers, enabling our team to scale the concept in five countries.”



Substitutes diesel generation with clean power

“Winning Fire 2016 helped GRIPS accelerate its mission to provide an attractive opportunity for clean investment by delivering competitive energy beyond fossil fuels and public grids. The Summit provided us with exposure to a high-profile audience, while the close collaboration with the Fire team has been of great help in scaling up our project pipeline and advancing financing and partnerships.”


Rooftop Solar Private Sector Financing Facility

Increases access to capital markets and provides long-term debt financing to rooftop solar power developers

“The analytical and stakeholder convening support provided by the India Lab has helped address barriers and enhanced the facility’s potential, and will create new opportunities to mobilize needed capital.”

Climate-Smart Lending Platform

Help lenders incorporate climate risk in their smallholder farming lending portfolios

“Two of The Lab’s most defining features are its analytical and convening powers, which together enabled us to not only to demonstrate the value proposition of our idea to financial institutions, but also afforded us access to organizations interested in supporting scale-up of the Platform.”


Affordable Green Homes

Builds energy efficient housing in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“International Housing Solutions is already building thousands of green homes but we need to expand that many times over.  FiRe is our route to the investor base to help us do that.”

Water Financing Facility

Mobilizes domestic investment into climate compatible water sector projects.

“The Lab’s analytical support, feedback, and endorsement provided us with international recognition, enabled us to develop our idea further, and opened up doors to finance our idea.”